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Well last night was the last soccer game for the Bulldogs. And what a way to end their season. Not one goal scored by either team. The Bulldogs finished their season undefeated. Sure they look sweet, and off the field I’m sure they are. But on the field these girls are tough. I saw some of them take hits and falls that would have brought tears to my eyes, but they would get up and keep running like nothing happened. Who would have thought second graders could be so aggresive?!!? And they couldn’t have had better coaches. Before every game the girls and the coaches would huddle with hands in and shout “HAVE FUN PLAY HARD” and that is exactly what every one of them did. I think one of my favorite parts of each game was just seconds before starting each quarter the coach would shout “Bulldogs 1,2,3” and the girls would answer as a team good and loud “WOOF WOOF WOOF”.

Congrats girls, you all had a great season. And all of your parents are very proud of each of you. See you all at the party this weekend.

Click HERE to see them in action.