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behind the studio counter at Target don’t get your eyes examined. You were right. One of my best friends, who is more like a sister to me, works there every holiday season. And this year really needed some help. So she called and asked me to help her out this season. And after a lot of thought and prayer, I said yes. It will be quite a change for me. They don’t do things the same way I do, and this is going to take some getting used to. But I am still making my own appointments. To those of you who have never had a session with me might think that doesn’t sound right. But those of you who have had a session with me know how different my sessions are from that of the Target studio. Not that one is better than the other, just different. I’ll get into the differences another time. But now I am tired.

I thought I’d also share something funny tonight. I don’t usually watch dancing with the stars, but tonight nothing else was on. My daughter sat with me while it was on and said she liked the “old grandma lady”. I giggled a little and said me too.

And because I don’t like to post without a picture. I think he was parting the ducks?