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I know it doesn’t sound right. But I’ve been busy with life, and slacking on this whole blogging thing. I shouldn’t be sitting at my desk now with as much as I need to get done. But I wanted pay this internet machine a little attention. So I will keep this short and just post a few pictures of some of the happenings around here.

A few portraits. How cute are these two? I’ll tell you they were just as busy as they are cute.




And these beautiful little girls. They were too easy, no matter where I put them, they would look right at me and smile. No such thing as candids with these two. They always knew where I was and how close the camera was to my face.


We had ANOTHER birthday party…


And these three little ones I had the pleasure of working with this week. I have to tell you after this session, I needed a nap just as much as they did. I just hope they had as much fun as I did.




And their funny dog. I love this shot!!


And what did I do with a few minutes to myself this morning after going to the bus stop? I took some pictures of course, for me. First I stopped by the beach, my favorite place for quiet time.


Then on my way past the horse stables, I had to stop. Two of the horses were laying down basking in the sun and I wanted that shot backlit. But of course I get out of the car and one stands up and greets me at the fence…


Well at least the other one stayed down for me. Too bad he was turned the wrong way for me to get a well composed backlit picture (you know the whole reason I stopped). But he did pose for me a little.



And to this horse I wasn’t even there.


Well that’s it for updates I can share for now. Till next time…