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Ok I know I am late with the new year post. I was very sick new years eve and new years day. And with the kids just going back to school today. I feel like today is the start of my new year. Back into the routine of everyday. But with a few changes, being a new year and all. I have some very interesting plans and ideas for this year. But I am only going to share a little at a time. In my last post I mentioned Boudoir portrait parties. Soon I will be posting more details on those. I’m going to try to post on this blog twice a week (instead of twice a month) whether I have pictures to share or not. The website will get a make over. I will upgrade some of my equipment. And that is just to name a few things I want to change. More updates later this week.

I still have Jan, 31 open for a Boudoir portrait party.