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I have been shooting the occasional boudoir session for a few years. But recently decided boudoir is pretty much all I want to shoot. Well I have a friend coming over one day this week for her 2nd session with me. Last week I decided I need to be in the position that I ask my clients to be in at least once.  So when her session is over she will be taking pictures of me. And I am actually nervous. The pictures you see of me on the site and my social networking pages, I took myself. With a wireless remote. And no it’s not easy. But there is no one else around to see me delete and start over when I don’t like something. All those insecurities that I tell everyone else to not worry about, it’s all about lighting and posing, and I can edit the rest. I know it, I promise it, yet I’m still thinking about what I’m going to wear and how they will come out. Not that I don’t trust my friend behind the camera, she takes awesome shots of families and small children. I think it’s handing over the button…to anyone. I guess we’ll see what happens, stay tuned I will share soon.