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Another non photography related post. Sorry but I have yet to attain permission to share any recent sessions. But as soon as I do, I promise I will share.
So instead I will share with you another one of my new favorite things. Sometimes I like to buy a product just to see if it does what it says it can do. So I bought the new DoubleExtend Mascara by L’OREAL. The package says:
80% Visibly longer lashes
Long wearing
Smudge proof
Flake proof
Clump free
No need for make up remover, smudge free removal, only warm water needed for removal.

It all sounds so wonderful. Too good to be true.

So does it do what it says it can? Why yes in fact it does. Longer lashes, no racoon eyes, no flakes on the cheek, washes off clean with warm water. I slept in it and still woke up with full mascara and no smudges. Great stuff!!