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I don’t have permission to share any recent session just yet so I’ll share my past weekend. Last Sunday the weather was amazing so we decided to dye eggs…outside. A good friend I hadn’t seen in a while paid us a vist and joined in the holiday festivities. It was a good time had by all. Here are some pictures of our day.

This little one likes to fish the eggs out of the dye with his fist. And he only wanted to use green so by the time he was done he had Hulk hands. Wait till you see how he washed them off.



I’m not sure what it is she is doing here. But I think it’s funny.


And how cute is she?!!?


And this is the dogs cage. See the bucket? That is Missy’s water. I think they had more fun with the dog water than they did dying eggs. Silly little munchkins.