Doing what I love and loving what I do 

I think my real passion for photography as an art began in high school. While most girls were hanging posters of actors and singers on their walls, I hung the pictures of advertisements ripped out of magazines. I had all the “guess” ads. Perfume and fashion ads. Pictures of wedding dresses from bridal magazines and so on. Not really sure why I was drawn to these images, I liked them, so I hung them.

     Years later while waiting tables in a resteraunt a friend handed me a number and said one of my customers is looking to hire someone to work in his store. So I took the number and called it. And set up an interview with him the next day. Turns out it was a photolab and portrait studio. While learning the arts of developing film and studio lighting, I finally knew what was drawing me into those images just a few years earlier. It was the feel and the mood created by lighting, shape, texture and the many other various elements that make up a great photograph. Even after moving on to other jobs over the years, I still pursued photography as a part-time or side job. 

     It wasn’t untill learning about the pregnancy of my fifth child that the difficult decision to stay home was made. And any extra time I have gotten since then has been poured into learning, and growing my photographic skills. And connecting with other photographers through online communities, through whom I have been inspired and learned quite a bit.

  I love having time for both my family and my passion.

And on a personal note…

I am a mother of 5. And a photographic artist. And I love both very much. I am the most complex, simple person there could ever be. I’m sure that will show itself in time through my images. As crazy as my life is, I love it. I know the drama will never end so I have to adjust to it. Wishing it away does not work




 My family and I live, work, and play in good ol’ beautiful Southern Maryland. Where summer is my favorite time of year. That’s when I feel my best. We get to be outside, crab’n, grill’n, eat’n, swim’n, hang’n, and just enjoy’n time spent together in the fresh air. 



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey…it’s me again. I’ve got a question about how you charge for your photos and sessions. I’ve been asked several times to do shoots ( family portraits and such), but I don’t know how to charge for them. Can you give me some input on how you go about it?

    Thanks in advance

  2. I sent you an email. I hope it helped.

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